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Assembly & Maintenance

Frequently asked questions

Can I assemble the chair myself?

Yes, Comfy Chair furniture is quick and easy to assemble. Clear, easy-to-follow assembly instructions are supplied with your product. They explain clearly - in a number of steps - how to assemble your chair or related product.
Can I ask you to assemble the chairs for me?

No problem. We charge €27,50 to assemble a chair and €17,50 for a table or footstool. For four or more chairs, we charge €22,50 per chair. For delivery of pre-assembled products we will come to an agreement about the price.
Do I need to glue the chair together before use?

Yes, it is necessary to glue all fixing points on the chairs using the enclosed water resistant adhesive. Red cedar is a relatively soft type of wood and the glue gives the product extra stability. It is very important to glue and assemble the chair before treating it with oil. The adhesive needs to penetrate the wood. This does not occur if the chair is first treated with oil.
Will I need any extra materials for installation and connection?

materials. (Screws, bolts, nuts and washers.) Caps for chair legs, adhesive and a special bit for using with the special-size screws are all supplied!

Do I need to keep Comfy Chair furniture dry?

No, Canada Comfy Chairs are totally resistant to rain, wind and sun. This means that you can leave the furniture uncovered outside the whole year round. Eventually, sunlight will turn the colour of this wood silver-grey. This does not affect the quality of the product in any way.
Would you like to maintain the original colour as long as possible? Use a special, nourishing oil for red cedar to treat your Comfy chair. This helps to retain the original colour for longer.
Do I have to treat the furniture with oil?

No, it is not necessary to treat the furniture with oil to maintain its quality. Red cedar is actually known as a durable wood sort that can be used for many years without any treatment.

Regular treatment with a special oil for red cedar helps to stop the furniture from turning grey. This helps the wood keep its nice warm colour.
Which oil is suitable for using on red cedar?

You can use any oil that is recommended for red cedar garden furniture. This oil is on sale in most do-it-yourself shops or shops specialising in garden furniture.
Assembly Instructions + video